Dominique Desveaux
Hair and Make Up Artist



DIR. Verity May Lane

Make up Artist Dominique Desveaux

Hair Reve Ryu


Taste of Progress campaign

Manon Lagréve

Hair and Makeup Artist Dominique Desveaux

Dir. Ben Hale

Producer Kerri Douglas

Vodafone - The Warm up

make up designer

Dir. Al Lewis

DOP. Tom Byfield

Vodafone  - The Warm up

make up designer 

Dir; Al Lewis

DOP; Tom Byfield


Lead Make artist 

Dir; Harry Dwyer

DOP; Simon Paul

Fashion Video
Zeum Magazine - Loose Ends
Director Richard Manning

M.O 'Wait Your Turn'

M.O 'Aint Got Time'

We are Chaser 'Us'

Bird to Beast 'Elephant'

Videographer Richard Manning

Styling by Helen McGuckin

Using Format